28 April 2015

Mail Roundup

So I've been really busy recently writing letters, and postcards with a few swaps thrown in. Now it's getting closer to summer and holiday season I'm slowing down and focusing on my pen pals mostly. I've done one last big batch of posting then I have some postcard swaps this month and a few travelling journals to complete. 

First the outgoing mail, just one big picture this time as I spent a week getting this mail ready to send in one go.

I had to go to the post office for stamps so some of the envelopes didn't have them when I took this picture. There are two flat envelope swaps and the rest are postcard swaps, some for the January to June RR and the rest for a Write Back My Postcard RR.

I received another fantastic letter from my pen pal in Germany, I was really pleased to find some chai tea to drink while I read the letter and a postcard of an anime I haven't seen, yet ;) I'll be replying soon!

I received my first letter for the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club and I couldn't be more excited! It was a really fun letter to read and had a really unique (in a great way) questionnaire which you can see on top of the letter. I can't wait to reply to this letter but I am waiting until my first letter arrives - we sent at the same time roughly.

Finally another exciting letter this time from my pen pal in Hong Kong, as you can see she sent me a "Greetings From" card, these are designed and sold by Postallove and this is the first of my collection! I'll be replying to this letter soon too, I'm going to have a busy few days!

26 April 2015

Secret Pen pal Scavenger Hunt 2015

After two months of travelling my parcel finally arrived at it's destination - South Africa! Now I can reveal the items I sent as part of the Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt.

The topics I chose were; something that represents you, the postal freak's kit, the bad day survival kit, something quirky and something to read.

For something that represents me I chose to send some postcards of places that mean something to me with a little something written about them on the back, 
and an ATC made by me.

The postal freak's kit was easy to do, I made an folder, the green rectangle in the back, on the inside I used map paper showing South Africa and the UK, I then filled it with the flat items and wrapped the bigger items individually.

For the bad day survival kit I made 2 mix CDs one with heavy metal music and one with more mellow tunes, I also added a teabag in a handmade folder (the green square) and of course some chocolate!

For something quirky I choose some Waldon Pancake postcards and a coaster.

Finally for something to read I sent The Pig of Happiness, as I love Edward Monkton and I wanted to share some happiness :D

24 April 2015

Pen Pal Swap

I recently did a private swap with someone on swap-bot. We had to send each other memo sheets, stickers, tea and a letter. 

I wrote the letter on some Sailor Moon paper as she is a fan, I also enclosed some washi tape samples and a postcard from my English Heritage box set.

I received some delicious chai tea, some cute stickers - I love puffy stickers, and some really cute memo sheets - a character I haven't seen before.

It was a fun swap to do as we have similar tastes and interests, I hope to continue writing to her.

22 April 2015

Incoming Postcards

Recently I have been taking part in a Round Robin on Postcrossing where you can find various themed groups, it's a good way to find certain cards for your collection and sometimes discover a new collection.

These two cards are Les Chats Enchant├ęs came from someone who I hope to swap with further, this is a new collection that I discovered and these are my first two cards, I just love them!

A Studio Ghibli card - this one is from the film Spirited Away.

Another Studio Ghibli card - this one is from the film Howl's Moving Castle

These two cards are from one of my favourite animes - Bleach 

Do you like to collect postcards, do you have any themes you like to collect?

20 April 2015

Outgoing Easter Mail

As it was around Easter time when I replied to some pen pal letters I decided to send some Easter themed replies, who doesn't like a bit of chocolate in their mail every now and again.

This envelope went to my pen pal in Germany, she mentioned previously liking the flavoured Mocha available, usually around Christmas, I happened to find some recently so added it to her letter, plus a chocolate bunny and some Rilakkuma memo sheets.

This letter went to my pen pal in Finland, some Easter themed stickers, that chocolate bunny again, a spring themed postcard and an Egyptian themed FDC as I know she is interested in Egypt and stamps. You can find her blog here

18 April 2015

6 month RR (Part 4)

As promised the final part of my 6 month round robin cards. If it's something you think you might enjoy taking part in keep an eye out for sign-ups around May on the Postcrossing forums. I am hoping it will be running again from July to December and I'll be signing up again for sure!

A lone wolf in the snow

A beautiful white tiger. This card was an extra surprise card from one of my partners (she also sent the above wolf) in the round robin. 

Some beautiful butterflies

Another lovely Jetoy

Finally a gorgeous Inga Paltser owl, with a fitting Easter theme.

16 April 2015

Outgoing Mail

I've been writing a lot of letters recently and will be sending a big batch out, I love the feeling of sending a bunch of mail out. I have yet to choose some stamps at the post office, I hope I can find some nice ones.

Going out are a few replies to some letters from a Pen Pal Round Robin, 
and a reply to a pen pal.

Here is a reply to someone who sent me a letter from Instagram for a challenge called 30 days of letters, a reply to my pen pal in the Netherlands and a letter to my International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club, more on that later!